Whats up??

First off, thanks for checking out my page and music!!

My name is Rob L. and i am a musician, composer/ producer.

My Goals

My goal is to find dedicated artice who take their craft really, really serious. Someone who pretty much eats, sleeps, and drinks it music like I do. But at the same time knows how to have fun.

I like to develop long term relationships and connection with serious artist. I like doing this because I really want to understand you and your vision.

Doing this will help us become a team and develop a uniques sound together that will bring out your best qualities. It takes a lot more than a decent production to find your true sound. It takes dedicated cooperations between producer and artist.

I proud my self in developing synergistic relationships with a select few motivated and serious artist.

Other options

Although I like to focus more on personal and team cooperation relationships, I have options for those of you that rather take the hit it and quit it approach!

Through the licensing platform you can take this approach. Don’t worry no hard feelings, I understand, Rob understand you!

Sometimes, it is more convenient to get a license for more urgent projects like a mixtape or maybe your just trying to build your catalog. Even if you take the licensing rout, I’m not going to leave you hanging.

Because I’m such a badass I will help you finish your project by mixing the vocals you’ve recorded, for the tracks you bought from me. Its all included with the music your purchase, so you don’t need to look around for a mixing engineer. All you need to do is find away  to get a good quality recording, send it my way and I will take care of the rest.

Im here to work with you and help the best I can. So take a look at my catalog, I will be uploading new beats every two weeks .

Let me get to know you send me  a message or add me on Facebook or any of the social media I have, say whats up!