What does “mp3 lease”, “wav lease”, “Trackouts lease” mean?

Mp3 lease is the lowest cost lease because the quality of an Mp3 audio file is a lot lower than the Wav. audio files.  When mixing vocals with a track, usually they would use Wav. files

Click here for full detail on what each one of them means and for the terms & condition.

I do like your Beats, how could i support you?

I do like your Beas, how could i support you?

Support is highly appreciated and keeps me even more motivated to keep creating great beats for you. Thanks in advance. You can support me by sharing my website/videos/beats with your friends and by placing links of your favorite beats on any of the social media of you liking.

Also feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts. Let me know what kind of music you are into by sharing your favorite songs, rappers and producers with me.

How can i get a custom-made beat?

This kind of service is limited and open only to a few who have proved to be motivated, dedicated and consistent  artist. Send me an email through the form below, let me know who you are, what you do, what genera you work with, what do you represent and show me some of your music. Let me get to know you!!

How do I buy exclusive beats?

If you want an exclusive beat and the price for an exclusive is not listed contact me through the contact form below or you can email me at  (rebel@robelproductions.com) or get a hold of me through any of the social media with the name of the beat.

How can I buy a Beat?

You can buy a beats by clicking here or by pressing on the tap that says beats store. I will be sending out Discount codes and some free beats for those of you who are registered on my mailing list, so register in the box below.

Can I use your Beats?

You can use my  Beats for free on non-profit, a.k.a without making any money, purposes only. additional you have to give me credit for the music, something like Prod. Robel. Also show your support and put the link to my page in the description.